Founded in the year 2000, Power Point Batteries is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. It manufactures Lead Acid Storage Batteries for wide range of applications including Automotives for Automobile Sectors, Tubular Batteries for Invertors, UPS & Solar Applilcations, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Batteries for UPS & Solar Applications. Power Point Batteries manufacturing facility is situated in Moodabidri Industrial Area, Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, INDIA.

PowerPoint Batteries manufacturing facility spread across 50,000 square feet is equipped with state of the art facility, with in-house research & development to meet the technological advancements. Power Point Batteires has obtained ISO certification for Quality Management System.

Power Point Batteries has a wide network of distributors and dealers across southern part of INDIA including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Power Point Batteries operates 11 retail outlet branches across Karnataka. These outlets are equipped with service equipments and teams to serve the customers with service after sales.

In 2005 Power Point Batteries introduced I-Power brand Tubular Batteries for Invertors & UPS application. Today I-Power brand is one of the leading brands in south INDIA. The brand is known for its quality, performance and durability of its range of products.

Power Point believes in manufacturing and supplying of high quality product. These products are made by utilizing the latest fully automated manufacturing technology.

The production process is continuous. It includes improvement of product quality by the amalgamation of qualitative research and development. All the steps then blend and lead to the production of the most technologically advanced products. The brand does not make any compromises on the quality of the product.

Power Point has five decades of expertise and experience in the production sector of Lead Acid Storage Batteries. This experience has led Power Point Batteries, to establish itself as a leading producer among the competitors. The healthy competition has lead to the earning of faith, trust and acclaim among the clients.

Why Lead Acid Storage Batteries?

Lead Acid Storage Batteries is the primary source of electric energy storage used in various fields.

Energy storage is identified as an essential component of the abruptly growing use of energy generation and grid applications.

When one speaks of energy storage it includes, potential energy (e.g. Pumped hydro), thermal energy (e.g. molten salt), Kinetic energy (e.g. Fly wheels), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CASE), Electrical energy (e.g. capacitors) and electrochemical energy (e.g. lead acid storage batteries).

Even if the cost of pumped hydro is less, there are certain geographical limitations to all the technologies; it is here where batteries and its qualities and uses come into picture.

The lead acid and lithium technologies are dominant in the field of batteries.

It is also to be noted that response time of battery energy storage is fast as compared to any other forms of energy for storage. The uses of renewable energy sources are wide.

Energy storage system with lead acid storage batteries is very vital as they unleash the batteries to their full potential.

Lead acid storage batteries are future of the power energy sector, because they act as support system to electric vehicles, power back ups, standby power and renewable energy storage system.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Power Point Batteries is to be globally distinguished leading manufacturer and supplier of the electric energy storage device Lead Acid Storage Batteries. These devices are to be employed in the different fields as, automotives, transportation, stationeries, and commercial use. These devices are also used for residential and power back up, electric vehicles and in the sector of renewable energy sources.

The mission the brand works for is to manufacture, environment friendly products, high in quality, design, effectiveness, purity and accurate perfection.

This vision and mission of Power Point Batteries provides a quality scope to towards building a greener world.