An automotive battery is rechargeable battery that supplies electrical energy to motor vehicle. It is also known as SLI (Starting-Lighting-Ignition) battery and its main purpose is to start the engine. Power of the car is supplied by the alternator once the engine comes into the running position. Starting discharges less than 3 per cent of battery capacity. SLI batteries are designed to release high burst of current, measured in Amperes, and then they can be quickly recharged.

Power Point automotive batteries are manufactured in according to highest quality and productive standards. Pb-Ca technology with no maintenance required which distinguishes the product range, is used for both European and Asian vehicles. Hybrid and cast grid technology is used for batteries mounted on passenger cars, trucks, power generators and earth-moving machines. However, a demanding market like the automotive, expects products that keep up with the latest trends. Power Point’s responses are high-performance batteries, +30% starting current in any condition.

Features and Benefits of Power Point Automotive Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries
with advanced Pb-Ca system

Advanced alloy for superior
performance in all climates

Designed for high performance
in extreme climatic conditions

Optimized internal construction
for superior durability

Provides maximum power and stability
for most complex vehicles

Optimized for consumers using multiple
electronic devices while on the road


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